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We are sad to announce that Parafest for 2024 and all future Parafest events will be cancelled. .

If you purchased tickets or tables you will recieve an email about a full refund. 

What are people saying? -

" Rob and I were so glad to have attended as it's such an intimate and laid back but educational and so full of knowledge fun weekend, topping it off, made lots of new para-family friends. John and Jackie put on an event that will keep us coming back every year! We take away a lifetime of information and knowledge that few places offer in the paranormal world and amongst that, we get to meet other people with the same interest who become our para-friends and para-family! Kudos to John and Jackie for conjuring up this yearly event!" - Deb Simpson, Canada 2017

"I can't say enough wonderful things about the connections made during this 'family reunion'. John and Jackie put on the number one event of the year" - Dan Smith, 2016

...."you sure do know how to throw a Parafest / Family Reunion! It was a truly uplifting, inspiring experience I will never forget". - Andrea Perron, 2016

"If anyone is thinking about doing one of these event and has not, I swear (they) run the best , hands down, best paranormal events out there....You will have a wonderful time!"

" My favorite paranormal event out there"

- Scott Tepperman-Ghost Hunters Int. ( from Fox Cities Paranormal Radio, 5/22/16)

"....I've always said that hands down, this is my favorite event" - Tim Maile

"It was by far one of the best gatherings I have had the honor to be part of" - Jenny Stewart / Medium

"This was one of the best events I have attended. Great job, I hope you will have us back next year."-

Robert DuShane, Paraspeak radio

"This is by far the best event I have been to in the 4 years we have been traveling. My new number 1 favorite place. " - Jason Wilkerson

"Little Traverse bay Parafest was over the top fantastic.....The Parafest is one not to be missed" - Exie Susanne Smith / Spiritual Medium

"Had a great time being around some great people. Can't wait for next years event. Thank you for pulling us all together. So if you enjoy meeting new people and hearing about the paranormal please check this out next year." - Tammy Kuzmik

"Had so much fun! Thank you so much for having me!!" - Jason Gates/Haunted Collector

"Felt more like a family reunion than a conference. Loved every minute of it." - Bill Konkolesky / MUFON Mich. Chapter Director

"Every single thing about this event was outstanding. Loved it!:" - Terry Cross

"Words cannot describe how amazing this weekend was. Well worth the trip." - Kelly Smith

"It was the best of times! What a stellar event and a fulfilling weekend!! You guys rocked it!" - Rosalyn Bown

" amazing event that impacted a lot of people in a lot of positive ways." - Laurie Strantz

Thank YOU everyone for such a FANTASTIC time! What a blast hanging out with such interesting people, love you all! - Michelle Harris

I don't know how a night like tonight could ever be topped! Felt so good to laugh that hard. I am going to miss these people so much!!!! Already in tears. Once a year is not enough. - Kim Brown

" The togetherness of all of the attendees and guests, now friends, was overwhelming. It is all of you who made this happen. You are all incredible. Much love. Here's to 2016"

- John and Jackie Cassidy and the Bumps in the Night crew, 2015


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